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Disability Oriented first aid and secondary CARE

DO CARE aims to address the lack of specific protocols concerning first aid and secondary care for people with disabilities, and providing the first step to a concrete solution. The project addresses the inclusion of people with disabilities in sports by supporting their need to stay safe and healthy during sports activities.


Project Objectives

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1. Training

First Aid and Secondary Care Training

Educating and training the coaches and training staff  to improve their competences in this domain, and consequently increase the feeling of security for people with disabilities, when they participate in sports activities and events.

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2. Guide

First Aid and Secondary Care Guide

Creating a guide for training staff and coaches in order to provide first aid and secondary care to athletes with disabilities.


🚀🤝 We're celebrating the conclusion of an incredible journey! On June 19-20, 2023, we convened in Thessaloniki, Greece for the final meeting of our DoCare project. All partners united to showcase our groundbreaking results to stakeholders and conduct our final partner meeting. With tireless dedication, we've addressed the urgent need for specific protocols for first aid and secondary care for people with disabilities. 🚑💪 DoCare goes beyond being a project; it's a step towards a tangible solution promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in sports, ensuring their safety and health during activities. 🏅🎾 We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the European Commission's Erasmus+ Sport program for co-financing our initiative. Your support has been pivotal in our quest to create more inclusive and safer sports environments for individuals with disabilities. 🙏🇪🇺 Our profound gratitude also goes out to all our partners. Your valuable contributions, relentless hard work, and dedication have propelled this initiative forward, making a significant impact in many lives. 🤝💪 Together, we've made significant strides towards a world where everyone can safely enjoy the benefits of sports inclusively. Here's to more progress and success in our future endeavors! 🚀🌏 Check out the video from our final meeting to witness the passion, commitment, and progress we've made towards a more inclusive and safer sporting environment for all. 📽️🌍 #DoCare #ErasmusPlus #Inclusion #SportsForAll #FinalMeeting #Thessaloniki #Greece #ThankYou

✅ “First aid and Secondary Care for athletes with disabilities” training was completed. ⛑ Within this scope, representatives are trained by project partner, Rescue Training International. After the training they received evaluation reports on what they have learned. 👉🏼 What's next: practicing new knowledge at respective organizations for 6 months.  📕 Then, by collecting data from their experiences and good practices in their network, partners will prepare first guide with instructions and good practices in case of accident or injury of athletes with disabilities.  🇪🇺🇬🇷🇮🇹🇸🇮🇹🇷🇦🇹🇨🇾



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