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Project Partners

The participants of the project are 2 sports clubs for people with disabilities (AETOI and ASO Bresso 4); an organization with high expertise in the domain of first aid and secondary care (RTI); an organization that concentrates on supporting people with disabilities including the organization of health enhancing physical activities for them (EBAGEM); an organization that promotes fitness at a local level and has strong connections with various stakeholders including rehabilitation centres, which can be beneficial for the goals of this project (TREND-PRIMA); and an organization that develops training and teaching programs, has some expertise in Erasmus programs, and has organized many events for people with disabilities (IEC Austria).

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AETOI is an organization and sports club that supports people with disabilities. The key activities of the organization are focused on operating “sports for all” teams with elite and amateur athletes; participating or developing educational/European programs for people with disabilities as part of their overall education; organizing or participating in training programs and actions connected to sports and people with disabilities or people with disabilities in general. Moreover, the organization occasionally organizes actions that promote the goals of the organization, like sports events, tournaments and EU programs for people with disabilities. 

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The sport club is recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) that Paralympic Committee (CIP). The ASD Bresso 4 sport club approach and methodology is based on an inclusive vision of sport, with different sports, athletes, all part of a single sporting group, with equal rights and duties. ASD Bresso 4 key activities pay particular attention to the educational and social role of sport for promoting a true sports culture and a correct and enriching experience for all the people involved (athletes, coaches, parents, families etc). In addition to "ordinary” sport activities, male and female, the ASD Bresso 4 has been carrying out for several years educational projects in sport and social sector, with particular attention to youth sector, to inclusive sports and to outdoor sports and environmental culture.


EBAGEM carries on activities in Mersin/Turkey as a Non-Governmental organization in the field of Disability. The main target group of EBAGEM is the individuals with disabilities and their relatives, young people, women and young immigrants who have a disability. The organization is conducting activities in 4 main fields: 1) Social Activities; 2) Awareness Raising Activities; 3) Youth Work; 4) Development of Civil Society Dialogue. Their key activities are: to improve fine and gross motor skills of individuals with disabilities and their families within various art and physical exercise based workshops; to implement cultural trips to create chances for people with disabilities and their families to go out of their houses with accessible vehicles; to implement sessions with families accompanied by psychotherapists; to provide training courses on sports, English, Digital Literacy, Handcrafts; to participate and organize social and artistic activities such as cinema and theatre.


Institute TREND-PRIMA Maribor is non-profit NGOs organization for research and development of knowledge. Their key activities are research and development, education and consulting, and sport activities. In the field of sports, they work for the common good of all people at the municipal level, they work with local communities to create external fitness in city parks, homes, nursing homes, hotels etc and they have close collaboration with a university rehabilitation centre. In addition, they develop a variety of sport programs. They have experience in developing sport programs for different groups of people with different needs. More specifically, they have experience developing sport programs for elderly people, children/youngsters with mental and physical disabilities and special exercises for employees.


IEC Austria was established by a group of experienced youth workers and international consultants. The aim of the IEC Austria team is to develop projects, training courses and non-formal learning activities to support and improve the use of NFE, sport, music and art, as a tool for social inclusion, mutual understanding, entrepreneurial development, empowerment and leadership. IEC Austria puts special interest in the empowerment of disadvantaged groups in society such as immigrants, asylum seekers, women and young people with geographical, social and economic disadvantages. Most educational activities are addressed to young people at risk of social exclusion and immigrants, making sure to always promote the importance of civic and European values and the active participation of citizens through non-formal education methodologies.


R.T.I. offers high quality and qualified First Aid Training. They offer training in a wide target group, independently from specialization and business environments. RTI is an approved first aid training organization registered in Cyprus, offering training services worldwide through its certified instructors’ network. Any certificate issued by Rescue Training International, is internationally recognized. Any offered first aid training program is based to the most current literacy, always following the latest guidelines according to the international resuscitation and first aid standards. More than 45 organizations and institutes worldwide, recognize the RTI First Aid Training Courses. Training services offered by RTI include many different programs which can be taught as standalone or in a combination according to the candidate’s social or business environment and requirements. Some of the key activities of the RTI training programs are the following: Basic Life Support, Automated External Defibrillator, First Aid, First Aid for Children and Infants, Emergency Oxygen Use, Advanced First Aid, Manual Handling, Instructor Level Courses.

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